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Sunday sat at home looking at the Lemony Snicket book
3d me face 1
Hello my love :) I've just got off the phone to you. I'm thinking of recording myself reading Lemony Snicket for Bean :D I have the MP3 player here ready. They are really short books I'm half way through already and I've only picked it up once or twice. 

My tummy hurts a bit today but I think it's trapped air. It's funny I thought I wouldn't remember a thing about the exam or that I would be groggy all the way through it but they must have just injected me with water or something because I didn't feel drugged at all. It was weird watching the nurse put the needle in my arm. It went in just a little bit and I thought oh it doesn't go far then she pushed the rest of it in :P I didn't mind that it was when she injected water into my arm that I felt a little feint. It's because I've never seen that done before so it was a little strange to watch. I'm sure I'll be okay next time anyone has to do anything like that to my arm, it felt really strange :) Sorry I'll stop going on about gory things :D I'm just going to spend today recovering. Recovering means mostly farting air out :P They went further in this exam but I found it easier :-/ Maybe just because I kind of knew what to expect so I wasn't as stressed. I'll spend today writing and sketching :D But only after I've rested a bit more I still feel a little sleepy. Loves you my dearest Merlinda! Loves you my son! I'll be back later on tonight to write another entry :D


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