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3d me face 1
Bean is now 34 weeks :) I can't believe it. I'm writting this out again because explorer has crashed when I was mid type the first time which is annoying as I had a good entry :) Anyhoo. As I said Bean is 34 Weeks!!!!! And we need to to stay in Merlinda's tummy for at least another 2 weeks. Please Bean stay in her tummy for another two weeks! Your daddy is asking you to hold on as long as you can :) I hope you can wait for another 4 weeks but if not make it at least 2 so Merlinda can have a normal birth.

I'm sleepy now. It's been a long day. I haven't really done much this evening. I went to the super market and did some food shopping but other then that I've stayed quiet. Tomorrow I'll go swimming :D Hopefully my tummy won't be hurting by then.

Sorry I'm babbling on. Oh I've found a good camcorder that I can get to record Beans first days. I think I need to get a good camera so that I will have lots of footage of Bean to show my mother. She would kill me otherwise. We can send it across every day so she can see Bean too :D Oh I suppose we could do a web cam linkup so she can talk to us. I should teach her how before the 23rd.

My last entry that I lost was so much better then this *sigh* :P Oh well I'll write a better entry tomorrow I promise. Loves you my Merlinda. Loves you Bean!!!!!

This is me signing off until tomorrow :) xxxxxxxx


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